Why use Gourmet Food Shop?

Why use Gourmet Food Shop?

Below is a detailed explanation of why our shop came to be, the criteria by which we list products, our passion for food and the quality ingredients we love to bring into our customers’ homes.

Criteria for listing products

The criteria for listing on our store generally includes that the product should not just be an ordinary grocery product. We have no intention to compete with grocery stores but rather intend for their products to supplement ours.

An example might be where somebody is hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a delicious meal at home – the outstanding elements of their meal, such as their salmon, cheeses and coffee might be bought from us, whereas the more standard grocery components would simply be bought at any retailer eg vegetables etc.

Why did we start Gourmet Food Shop?

We have been asked by numerous reviewers, customers, family and friends: Why did you start the Gourmet Food Shop?

Our site was started and is driven by a passion for outstanding meals. Its products would be the primary ingredients of those meals.

We have great experience with the preparation of gourmet style dishes and have been privileged to also enjoy meals at many leading restaurants. We want to bring that into everybody’s home and make the top quality ingredients that are available to top chefs available to the home chef.

Quality ingredients produce quality meals and no amount of culinary brilliance can squeeze the best meal out of poor ingredients.

Sourcing quality products is an ongoing process

Our passion for food lead us to an ongoing process of finding ingredients and complete food products that are either not available to the home consumer, or are difficult to source.

Our vision is to be a store around which gourmet meals can be planned and the best ingredients and components purchased for easy home delivery and at reasonable prices.

In order for any product to be included in our website, it must meet our vision and not simply be an ordinary retail grocery product. We, as owners of the site, are extremely fussy about the quality of products that are included and test them personally to make sure that they offer only the best in quality measured against sensible pricing for the home consumer.

We are approached by certain producers and asked to showcase their products and equally, we approach producers and distributors where we feel their products would make a valuable addition to our product basket. This is not a once off process and continues every day.

How do we achieve reasonable prices for top quality ingredients?

Naturally, one of our considerations is always price.

Essentially we are able to buy from the large distributors and suppliers of hotels and restaurants. We need to be able to buy from them and still deliver to a customer at a reasonable price. Where products would become prohibitively expensive, we generally do not even try include those in our range.

Essentially, what we are trying to achieve is to share our passion for great food, which comes from sourcing great ingredients, with any home cook! Aspiring chefs can now use the same top quality ingredients that they enjoy at the best restaurants.

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