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Removing the Flesh from a Salmon Fillet

Fish Fillets

We occasionally treat ourselves with salmon fillets for dinner because they are nutritious and delicious (to beat an old phrase to death). We prefer to cook our salmon very briefly so that it is still essentially uncooked in the centre and just singed on the outside.

This all sounds very tempting until your first fillet arrives, with the skin on. The skin is quite tough and leathery, particularly while raw, so we strongly suggest that you take the flesh off the skin before cooking.

It is incredibly easy to do and all that you need is a really sharp knife. Watch this simple 2 minute demonstration below on how to remove the flesh from a salmon fillet. You’ll get better with practise, but will get it right first time!

Removing the flesh from salmon fillet – Click here for VIDEO

Useful Tip: Always be very careful when working with chef’s knives and try to cut away from yourself, as shown in the video.