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Gourmet Desserts Storage, Thawing and Handling

Storage, Thawing, Handling

To bring our gourmet desserts back to their ‘made today’ freshness,
simply follow these easy to use instructions:

Storage and Shelf-life

  Storage Temperature Shelf-life
  Freezer -18°c to -21°c 12 months
  Fridge 1°c to 3°c 3– 7 days *

* See product label for specific fridge life

Thawing Instructions

Defrost overnight in a refrigerator or
at room temperature as follows:

  Individual portions 30 – 90 minutes
  Whole Gâteaux 60 –180 minutes



Heating Instructions:

Peel off foils (where applicable) while frozen, plate and heat in a micro­wave for 30 – 60 seconds or alternatively, defrost at room temperature then steam bake in a chafing dish covered with tin foil for 15 – 20 minutes at 180°C.

Handling Instructions

  • Remove from polystyrene packaging when defrosting to prevent condensation and water damage
  • To cut, use a long serrated knife dipped in hot water between each stroke
  • To minimise wastage, pre-portion your cake while frozen and thaw portions as required
  • Some frozen individual desserts have a plastic collar to protect them. Simply peel off while frozen, defrost and serve
  • If dessert is still in foil container, tear wall of container and remove while still frozen