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Market your Gourmet Food Product

What we do

We source and sell boutique and speciality food products, aimed particularly at the gourmet foodie. Our intention is to bring high quality food and ingredients into your home for the best price. Browse through our shop here and feel free to introduce your products to us.

Who we are

Gourmet Food Shop is owned and managed by the Ernst family. We are personally involved in choosing every product sold in our online shops and devote our attention to selling only the best gourmet food products.

Why we’re different

We only sell what we would use

Quite apart from our hands-on approach, we only sell products that we have used or would use. Everything sold in our shops is sourced because it is an exceptional product within its field. We are constantly expanding our product range to include new entrants to the foodie market.

We support young businesses

In addition to our attention to detail, we also try to support new foodie product ventures whenever possible. We welcome all boutique food manufacturers who have products that you believe we should sell. Contact us by clicking here and we would love to meet you. Let us help to market your gourmet food products.

We respect the environment

We support manufacturers and suppliers who respect the environment in their products and their processes.

We supply hard-to-find items

Everybody’s digestive system works differently and this means we all have differing needs and sensitivities. Digestive intolerances, such as sensitivity to wheat, and medical challenges, such as managing sugar levels, are not properly catered for in mainstream retail. We pride ourselves on sourcing products, such as vegetarian friendly cheeses made with plant rennet rather than animal rennet; or sweets without sugar for ADHD and diabetes management; or chocolates that are lactose free.

We love what we do

Our personal family involvement in Gourmet Food Shop stems from a deep appreciation for quality food and ingredients. This is not just a business to us, but a passion!

We will Market your Gourmet Food Product

Do you own a small food business?

Do you have a product you need to bring to the market?

Can we help you market your gourmet food product to the right target market?

Do you want to sell more and ensure more people know about you and enjoy your foodie products?

We have the experience and the market platform to help. Contact us now on so that we can discuss your business and products.

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Our Gourmet Christmas Menu

Our Gourmet Christmas Menu

Have you ever been suddenly placed under great pressure to deliver a flawless meal in no time at all? I was recently put in exactly that position after a family discussion resulted in the decision that Christmas Eve was to be hosted at our home for the entire family. Six adults had to be fed a memorable meal of the most exquisite quality and flavours. Now, with just a few days to go until the big occasion, how on earth were we supposed to find suitable, high quality ingredients?

Everybody knows that a few days before Christmas, most of the best ingredients have been bought and the wilted remnants on the shelves will only be sparingly stocked up. It is the December holidays and deliveries wind down for the year – even those poor, delivery drivers must have a holiday, despite the fact that it makes grocery shopping for the festive season an operation that must be planned with military precision.

So after much thought, squeezed into a few pressurized hours, we decided on our menu, which was to consist of four courses. There was also only one place where we would get the quality of ingredients we needed in this time frame. But luckily, it was the same place that we buy many of our ingredients from for catering purposes, as well as our monthly meat, fish and chicken shopping.

And they will deliver, after quickly shopping in their online store!

The Gourmet Food Shop sells best quality food products and delivers to your door for the same price you would pay in a high-end grocery store. They can apparently do this because they buy huge bulk volumes and many of their products are imported directly. They have no direct store front and so don’t have the costs involved with operating a shop, such as rent and cashier staff. Whatever the details, I just know that they are the place to go for quality meat, poultry and seafood.

Here were our four courses:

Salad of tiger prawns and citrus wedges, with lettuce and avocado cubes, lightly dressed with tangy citrus, sweet honey and walnut oil.

Mixed Wild Mushrooms, sautéed with sweet onion, served on bruschetta with caramelised baby tomatoes.

Quickly seared imported Norwegian Salmon, served on a warm bed of Lentils with Bacon with Green Peppercorn Sauce.

Pear and Almond Cream Tart with a Mocha Cream Pot.

Click on any course to go to the full recipe!

The meal was a roaring success and the beautiful ingredients were the star of the show. You can have the best recipe book in the world, but without the best ingredients, it will not succeed.

In our menu, we had portioned and prepared the citrus and made the dressing for the first course of giant prawn salad.

For the second course, the mushrooms and sweet onion (shallots if you can get them) had been portioned in separate containers and chopped.

For the third course, the first stage of preparing the lentils had been completed and bits of bacon already fried. The salmon had also been portioned and prepared.

The dessert course was all prepared beforehand and was simply garnished before serving.

This approach will left us with maximum time for our guests and to enjoy our evening with them.