Sizzling Sirloin

Foodies and braai experts will tell you that sirloin has far more flavour than fillet because of the strip of fat along the side of a thick sirloin steak. Sizzling SirloinGourmet Food Shop highly recommends sirloin for the most delicious steaks. Cut the whole sirloin into generous steaks about 2 cm thick and grill for the very best flavour meat.

If you are concerned about the strip of fat, grilling steak over coals or in a health grill will ensure that much of the fat drips off and the meat is not saturated. When the sirloin steak is done to your liking, cut the strip of fat off and enjoy!

Fillet is the most tender cut of meat and that often results in diners ordering fillet rather than taking a “risk” on rump or sirloin at a restaurant for fear it will be tough. The sad reality is that often other cuts will be tough because restaurants and their suppliers try to cut corners.

The good news for meat lovers is that we supply the very best A-grade Karan beef sirloin, rump and fillet. This means you are guaranteed the best cut and quality sirloin with maximum flavour and the tenderness of fillet.

Try it now, you’ll be amazed!

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