Caffe Nu Cleaning Capsules

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Box of 5 Caffe Nu cleaning capsules for your Nespresso machine.

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Are you aware of what hides inside your coffee machine? The problem we see on a daily basis with coffee machines, specifically Nespresso® coffee machines, is that they collect a fair amount of oils, tannins and granular build up inside the brewing chamber of the coffee machine. Every time you use your Nespresso® coffee machine to make a coffee, some residue stays behind in the brewing chamber that you cannot get rid of with conventional cleaning methods, not even by descaling your machine.

The problem has been increased by the advent of new products on the market like flavoured coffees, tea capsules, milk and chocolate powdered capsules. These all leave residues and flavours behind that can ruin your next drink and eventually block and damage your Nespresso® machine.

Caffenu® has a simple solution. The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules gets rid of all residue and build up inside your Nespresso® coffee machine in just 2 minutes. Have a look at the results below. This is how the inside of the coffee machines looked before and after only using one Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule!

Step 1

Insert the cleaning capsule as  you would with a normal coffee capsule
Press button for small cup (30ml)


Step 2

Wait 2 minutes while the cleaner breaks down all the residue inside the machine.
Then press button for large cup (100-200ml) until water runs clear


Step 3

Open the lever on your machine to eject the capsule. CAUTION, the capsule is hot!
Discard solution in container.


Step 4

Close the lever and press the button for large cup (200ml) without a capsule inside the machine
Discard solution in container.


After use

Caution: ejected cleaning capsule will be full of hot water
Empty capsule container and rinse and clean
Recommend using one normal coffee capsule and discarding before use

Special hint

Dissolved liquid is great for cleaning cup holder’s, and capsule trays

Extra tips

Backwash the machine by blocking the spout with either a folded dish towel or rubber plug when pressing the button for large cup (100-200ml). CAUTION! Hot water will be exiting the spout.

Use a brush/toothbrush (not provided) and vigorously scrub the washer
plate (where the foil of the foil front of the cleaner capsule faces) and the nozzle (where the coffee comes out).


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