Hot Milk Sugar Free Hot Chocolate 200g

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Product Information

Hot Milk Sugar free Hot Chocolate is a decadently delicious chocolate-y treat. Sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners, sucralose and acesulfame K, instead of sugar, Hot Milk gives you the rich, sweet, chocolate-y flavour of cocoa with less kilojoules. Even those who are nuts about health and keeping that slim figure need to satisfy their sweet-tooth.

How to prepare

Hot Milk Sugar-free Hot Chocolate powder is most delicious when added to hot milk (it’s all in the name!). Add 1 – 2 teaspoons, or according to taste, of Hot Milk Sugar free Hot Chocolate powder to 2 teaspoons of hot milk and mix together to form a rich and creamy paste. Gradually add a cup of hot, or cold milk, and stir to combine. Take a moment, or a seat, and indulge your senses and sweet-tooth with your first sip of the smooth, sweet, guiltless blissfulness of Hot Milk Sugar-free Hot


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