Five Roses Bombay Circus

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R795.00 inc.Vat | R691.30 ex.VAT

150 x 2g teabags


Five Roses Infused Teas are a premium and exclusively rare product, containing 100% natural ingredients combined with the ultimate luxury of a pure silk tea bag!

Five Roses Bombay Circus is a delightful blend of 100% Ceylon Tea with exotic chai spices giving you an out of this world taste experience.

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1 review for Five Roses Bombay Circus

  1. Sylvia

    Last week my husband and I stayed at the Hilton Centre in Cape Town, S.Africa; this long leaf tea infusion of Five Roses Butter Cream is offered in each hotel suite. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, a unique taste and I am now searching on the internet on the best way of purchasing a box and sending it to Canada — another wonderful surprise at our favourite hotel — Hilton.

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