Red Meat

We can certify that our A-grade beef is exactly that – the very best beef! No donkey, water buffalo and other filler meats have been found in our top quality Karan beef sirloin, rump and fillet.

Our supplier confidently underwent testing after the recent exposés of poor quality beef substitutes being found in the products of many retail stores to maintain its reputation for excellence. We guarantee that we sell only the best grade beef products and the flavour of our red meat speaks for itself.

The Gourmet Food Shop recommends sirloin for the richest flavour steaks. Fillet is often mooted as the meat of choice – while sirloin remains the best kept secret among fans of grilled steak.

Karan Beef

Rump is a willing star in stews, roasts and for many fans of thick cut steaks. Whatever your red meat of choice and whether you are serving steaks, burgers, stews or roasts, our top quality certified beef will always deliver our promise on taste.

Why not give our fillet, sirloin or rump a try? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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