Imported Italian Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait every morning for that first delicious cup of coffee. Everybody has their personal preferences, but for me the trick is black, with two sugars.

And when it comes to the brand and type, Lavazza Super Crema fulfils all my tastes. It is quite full bodied and medium roasted but the real crux of the matter, is its creaminess. Its texture is velvety and its renown lies in the smooth “crema”. It is probably because of that creaminess that I’ve come to enjoy my coffee without milk, this Super Crema just does not need milk!

It is in the style of European coffee, sophisticated and subtle; unlike the burnt overpowering taste of many American roasters, this is a coffee to really appreciate. For milder flavoured coffee that still has a rich Crema, try the Lavazza Crema e Aroma.

Imported and roasted in Italy, Lavazza is the best value for quality proposition on the market and brings the joy and history of Italian café culture to South Africa. Close your eyes while appreciating the nutty aroma and you wish you were at a chic Italian sidewalk café, watching the hustle of daily life go by.

Italian Coffee
An important trick that I’ve learnt is to make sure you keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible and not to just leave the bag lying open on the kitchen counter. Also, grind the right amount of coffee for your daily needs for the richest flavour and aroma.

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