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Is it true that a DE BRON candy doesn’t cause tooth decay?
Yes, and that is because there are a few conditions necessary that need to be present to cause cavities in teeth.

What are cavities?
At any individual there are billions of bacteria present in the mouth. They attach themselves to the tooth and form a sticky layer (plaque). At any moment an individual is eating sugar (sucrose) , these bacteria receive their food and they are fermenting it to different kinds of organic acid.

The pH in the plaque then falls, because of this acid formation and will then slowly start to dissolve the minerals of the tooth structure. This is also called an “Acid attack”. When sugar is often eaten, frequent acid attacks can eventually lead to the formation of cavities in the teeth.

How do we prevent it?
One good way to prevent caries is to brush your teeth regularly. The plaque is then removed. Furthermore the use of Fluoride in toothpaste makes the enamel more resistant against acid attacks.

However, if you frequently eat confectionery, you can now do more! Candy’s from “DE BRON” that contain sugar substitutes, are disliked by the bacteria. They won’t eat it and no acid is produced! In that way the formation of cavities is reduced or stopped!

More about the use of sugar substitutes
We already told you that by replacing the sugar by sugar substitutes the risk of caries decreases because there is no acid formation in the plaque.

Another thing that happens is that the consumer gets more awareness that one is eating sugar. Children can now make a choice between “tooth friendly” candy’s or the traditional candy’s which are bad for their teeth. They will be more aware of their choice.

The sweet taste of the tooth friendly products is produced by substitutes as Maltitol, Mannitol, Sorbitol or Xylitol. Mostly the main component of sugarfree confectionery is Maltitol.

For overall health these substitutes are no problem. Only when one exaggerates the use – to much is never good! – light laxation effects can occur. This is only temporary and not dangerous.

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