Best Biltong

Beef biltong, guaranteed 100% beef! Who would have ever thought that we would need to reassure new customers that our biltong is 100% beef? It is real beef and always has been!

Regular buyers know that our beef biltong is delicious and we are uncompromising in our standards. Despite this, we sell our biltong for less than R290 per kilogram – substantially cheaper than many major retailers.

Moist beef biltong

We have spent many happy hours testing various combinations of subtle spicing and ultimately settled on a coriander, paprika and herbal salt blend. We have also tried not to use too much salt (for pesky, health reasons) so that you can happily nibble away with a clear conscience.

Your weekends, braais and cocktail parties will always have one safe bet – nobody goes hungry and everybody remembers your superb biltong.

Quality Karan beef is the only meat that we use for our moist biltong and we are proud of the results. A South African tradition of dry-curing meat has now got just that little bit better!

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