Awesome Biltong

Gourmet Food Shop sells top quality beef and it is that same beef that we use to make the best sliced biltong.

The quality of meat we use is complemented by our special blend of spices and herbs, with hints of coriander and paprika. Many biltong suppliers opt to cut corners on meat quality, but our online butchery delivers the most delicious biltong to your home.

Compare pricing of biltong at your local retailer and you’ll be shocked to find that you can easily pay R400 per kilogram. Gourmet Food Shop sells biltong for less than R290 per kilo and regularly sells it on special for even less than that.

SA's Best Biltong

How do we deliver the best quality at the lowest price?

Our butchery supplier operates from huge, centrally located premises buying large volumes of meat for processing to various cuts, cold meats and mince in line with anticipated demand. Those volumes allow our butchery supplier to cure quality biltong and we can pass on the price saving to our customers.

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