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Debbie’s Recipes – Bread Rolls

AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) Bread Rolls

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Bread Rolls

This recipe is for the quickest, foolproof almost-instant bread or rolls. While the family can and does eat store-bought rolls, I either had to make do without any roll for my hamburger patty or other filling. Sure! There are gluten-free and dairy-free buns and rolls available in the shops, but they aren’t great in flavour and I don’t particularly enjoy their consistency and texture. I find them a bit small and too dense – they almost seem permanently stale.

Then we discovered this recipe and thirty minutes later, I was enjoying a superb hamburger on my own fresh AIP bread roll!

2 cups of gluten-free self raising flour (gluten-free flour and baking powder were used in the photos)

1 cup of almond milk (any non-dairy milk)

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise (try find one without sugar)

Seasoning to your preference. I use 1/4 teaspoon each of garlic powder, rosemary and thyme. Pinch of salt and pepper. You can go crazy here and add in whatever seasoning you would like – try different combinations of your favourite herbs and spices.

Mix all the dry ingredients together (flour and seasoning) in a bowl. Then add the milk and mayonnaise, and mix together with a wooden spoon until a sticky dough has formed.

Form into round or long hotdog-shaped rolls. This batch will make approximately 4 rolls.

Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 20-25 minutes.


**Debbie’s Tip: I have tried these rolls with self-raising gluten-free flour and also with gluten-free flour with baking powder. My results were that the rolls were more heavy and dense using self-raising flour. They were lighter using the flour with baking powder, but then ended up being slightly crumbly. In order to get the perfect consistency and crumble that you prefer, you can play with the ratios by, for example, using 1/2 self-raising and 1/2 flour with baking powder.


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Various Lavazza Coffee Capsules

More information about the various Lavazza Coffee Capsules

Lavazza Crema Gusto Dolce Capsules


100% Arabica sweet blend with a thick golden crema.100% Arabica blend with a sweet and fragrant aroma, composed of top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffees.A sweet, balanced and creamy blend. The special roasting, combined with the right grind, yields a particularly sweet and velvety coffee with a persistent after-taste and a thick, golden crema.



  • Roasting: Fairly Dark
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Sweetness
  • Aroma and Flavour: Sweet, Creamy, Liquory


Lavazza Espresso Dolce Capsules


A sweet, full-bodied and creamy blend. The innovative brewing system yields a sweet and aromatic espresso with a thick, persistent crema. 100% Arabica blend with a sweet and fragrant aroma, composed of top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffees.



  • Roasting: Medium
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Sweetness
  • Aroma and Flavour: Fragrant, Sweet

 Lavazza Espresso Intenso Capsules


A creamy and full-bodied blend with intense and persistent flavour and after-taste. The innovative brewing system yields a particularly intense, creamy espresso, with a persistent and balanced aftertaste. A blend of excellent Arabica from Brazil and Central America (40%) and Robusta from Southeast Asia (60%).



  • Roasting: Medium
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Intensity
  • Aroma and Flavour: Chocolaty, Intense


Lavazza Espresso Intenso Double Capsules


A blend of excellent Arabica from Brazil and Central America (40%) and Robusta from Southeast Asia (60%).A creamy and full-bodied blend with intense and persistent flavour and after-taste. The innovative brewing system yields two particularly intense, creamy espressos, with a persistent and balanced aftertaste.



  • Roasting: Medium.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Intensity.
  • Aroma and Flavour: Chocolaty, Intense.


Lavazza Espresso Ricco Capsules


A creamy and full-bodied blend with a liquory, chocolaty flavour. The special roasting process and innovative brewing system yields a dense, rich espresso with chocolaty notes, a persistent aftertaste and an excellent body. A blend of top-quality Brazilian Arabica (40%) and Asian Robusta coffees (60%)



  • Roasting: Dark
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Richness
  • Aroma and Flavour: Chocolaty, Rich and Liquory


Lavazza Tierra! Capsules


100% washed Arabicas (Honduras, Peru and Colombia)



  • Roasting: Medium
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Balanced
  • Aroma and Flavour: Aromatic, Delicate, Sweet, Fruity


Lavazza Espresso Rotondo Capsules


Premium blend of 100% Arabica with a rich, smooth taste and a velvety crema. Balanced, rich and velvety blend. The special roasting and grinding degree yields a full-bodied and smooth espresso.



  • Roasting: Dark
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Richness
  • Aroma and Flavour: Rich and Velvety


Lavazza Espresso Rotondo Double Capsules


Premium blend of 100% Arabica with a rich, smooth taste and a velvety crema. Balanced, rich and velvety blend. The special roasting and grinding degree yields two cups of full-bodied and smooth espresso.



  • Roasting: Dark
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Richness
  • Aroma and Flavour: Rich and Velvety


Lavazza Decaf Capsules


100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian coffees. A smooth blend with velvety crema. The special brewing process, combined with the right grind, yields a soft and sweet decaffeinated regular or long espresso, with a slightly chocolaty aftertaste and velvety crema.



  • Roasting: Sweetness,Smoothness.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Sweetness, Roundness.
  • Aroma and Flavour: Chocolaty, Smooth.
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Gourmet Desserts Storage, Thawing and Handling

Storage, Thawing, Handling

To bring our gourmet desserts back to their ‘made today’ freshness,
simply follow these easy to use instructions:

Storage and Shelf-life

  Storage Temperature Shelf-life
  Freezer -18°c to -21°c 12 months
  Fridge 1°c to 3°c 3– 7 days *

* See product label for specific fridge life

Thawing Instructions

Defrost overnight in a refrigerator or
at room temperature as follows:

  Individual portions 30 – 90 minutes
  Whole Gâteaux 60 –180 minutes



Heating Instructions:

Peel off foils (where applicable) while frozen, plate and heat in a micro­wave for 30 – 60 seconds or alternatively, defrost at room temperature then steam bake in a chafing dish covered with tin foil for 15 – 20 minutes at 180°C.

Handling Instructions

  • Remove from polystyrene packaging when defrosting to prevent condensation and water damage
  • To cut, use a long serrated knife dipped in hot water between each stroke
  • To minimise wastage, pre-portion your cake while frozen and thaw portions as required
  • Some frozen individual desserts have a plastic collar to protect them. Simply peel off while frozen, defrost and serve
  • If dessert is still in foil container, tear wall of container and remove while still frozen
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Venison Potjiekos

Venison Potjiekos (with thanks to
2 kg (± 4½ pounds) deboned venison, cut into small blocks
(kudu, springbok or impala is excellent)
1 kg (± 2.2 pounds) beef shin (shank, knuckle-bone), cut into slices
75 ml (5 tablespoons) cake-flour
15 ml (1 tablespoon) salt
Freshly ground black pepper (to your taste)
3 ml (a pinch) graded nut
1 can (± 400 ml) mushroom soup
1 litre (4 cups) apple juice
250 ml (1 cup) dry white wine
4 potatoes, cut into small blocks
5 carrots, sliced
4 onions, sliced
1 butternut squash, sliced
4 peeled tomatoes, coarsely chopped

360 g (750 ml/3 cups) self-raising flour
7 ml (½ tea spoon) salt
375 ml (1½ cups) milk

Barbecue (braai) meat in a heated “potjie” until brown.
Add cake-flour, soup and flavouring substances .
Heat the apple juice and wine in a small pan and pour it over the meat.
Put on the lid and simmer for 3-4 hours,
put the vegetables in layers on top of the meat,
put on the lid and simmer for another half an hour.
In the mean time, mix all the ingredients for the dumplings together to form a soft dough, scoop the dough on top of the vegetables and simmer for another half an hour.

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Warthog Recipe

Warthog Recipe (with thanks to

As warthog meat is quite dry, you have to find a way to moisten it and this recipe does it just right…

Seared medallion of warthog 
with peppered pineapples and Shiraz sauce

800g loin of warthog
crushed black pepper and salt
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
8 slices of pancetta or other quality bacon

1/2 onion, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 stick of celery, diced
1 leek, white part only, diced
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
2 tablespoons fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme)
1 bay leaf, crushed
2 juniper berries
1/2 cup red wine
4 tablespoons olive oil

Shiraz sauce
1 onion, chopped
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 cup game or beef stock
1/2 cup Shiraz
berries, fresh or in liqueur, syrup or jam, to taste

Peppered pineapple
4 slices pineapple, cored
crushed black pepper
oil for frying.

Trim the loin of all gristle or silver lining. In an acid resistant tray add the chopped veggies and all the other marinade ingredients. Put the loin therein and marinade for 24 hours in the fridge, turning from time to time.
Make the Shiraz sauce first.
Brown the onions in the butter in a saucepan, then add sugar till melted. Splash in the stock and wine, lower the heat and reduce till syrupy.
Season the pineapple with pepper and fry in oil.
Remove venison from marinade and wipe excess bits away. Season with salt. pepper and mustard all over. Wrap pancetta or bacon strips around the venison securing with string or toothpicks. Fry gently on a ripple pan till bacon is crisp but the meat still rare at the core. When done, rest for five minutes in the warming drawer to let the red juices to cipher to the dry outside fibers.

P.S. You can buy warthog loins and fillet from our online shop

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Market your Gourmet Food Product

What we do

We source and sell boutique and speciality food products, aimed particularly at the gourmet foodie. Our intention is to bring high quality food and ingredients into your home for the best price. Browse through our shop here and feel free to introduce your products to us.

Who we are

Gourmet Food Shop is owned and managed by the Ernst family. We are personally involved in choosing every product sold in our online shops and devote our attention to selling only the best gourmet food products.

Why we’re different

We only sell what we would use

Quite apart from our hands-on approach, we only sell products that we have used or would use. Everything sold in our shops is sourced because it is an exceptional product within its field. We are constantly expanding our product range to include new entrants to the foodie market.

We support young businesses

In addition to our attention to detail, we also try to support new foodie product ventures whenever possible. We welcome all boutique food manufacturers who have products that you believe we should sell. Contact us by clicking here and we would love to meet you. Let us help to market your gourmet food products.

We respect the environment

We support manufacturers and suppliers who respect the environment in their products and their processes.

We supply hard-to-find items

Everybody’s digestive system works differently and this means we all have differing needs and sensitivities. Digestive intolerances, such as sensitivity to wheat, and medical challenges, such as managing sugar levels, are not properly catered for in mainstream retail. We pride ourselves on sourcing products, such as vegetarian friendly cheeses made with plant rennet rather than animal rennet; or sweets without sugar for ADHD and diabetes management; or chocolates that are lactose free.

We love what we do

Our personal family involvement in Gourmet Food Shop stems from a deep appreciation for quality food and ingredients. This is not just a business to us, but a passion!

We will Market your Gourmet Food Product

Do you own a small food business?

Do you have a product you need to bring to the market?

Can we help you market your gourmet food product to the right target market?

Do you want to sell more and ensure more people know about you and enjoy your foodie products?

We have the experience and the market platform to help. Contact us now on so that we can discuss your business and products.

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Taste of Sweets

Can sugar free sweets taste any good? Absolutely!

When manufacturing it’s products, DE BRON uses only first class ingredients, mostly from natural sources. Our sugar free substitutes are Maltitol, Isomalt and Lactitol, which are sweeteners that taste just as good as normal sugar. With pride we can say that our DE BRON sweets taste just as nice, if not superior, than the same products with sugar in.

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Health Sweets

Is it true that a DE BRON candy doesn’t cause tooth decay?
Yes, and that is because there are a few conditions necessary that need to be present to cause cavities in teeth.

What are cavities?
At any individual there are billions of bacteria present in the mouth. They attach themselves to the tooth and form a sticky layer (plaque). At any moment an individual is eating sugar (sucrose) , these bacteria receive their food and they are fermenting it to different kinds of organic acid.

The pH in the plaque then falls, because of this acid formation and will then slowly start to dissolve the minerals of the tooth structure. This is also called an “Acid attack”. When sugar is often eaten, frequent acid attacks can eventually lead to the formation of cavities in the teeth.

How do we prevent it?
One good way to prevent caries is to brush your teeth regularly. The plaque is then removed. Furthermore the use of Fluoride in toothpaste makes the enamel more resistant against acid attacks.

However, if you frequently eat confectionery, you can now do more! Candy’s from “DE BRON” that contain sugar substitutes, are disliked by the bacteria. They won’t eat it and no acid is produced! In that way the formation of cavities is reduced or stopped!

More about the use of sugar substitutes
We already told you that by replacing the sugar by sugar substitutes the risk of caries decreases because there is no acid formation in the plaque.

Another thing that happens is that the consumer gets more awareness that one is eating sugar. Children can now make a choice between “tooth friendly” candy’s or the traditional candy’s which are bad for their teeth. They will be more aware of their choice.

The sweet taste of the tooth friendly products is produced by substitutes as Maltitol, Mannitol, Sorbitol or Xylitol. Mostly the main component of sugarfree confectionery is Maltitol.

For overall health these substitutes are no problem. Only when one exaggerates the use – to much is never good! – light laxation effects can occur. This is only temporary and not dangerous.

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Gluten Free Sweets

In today’s world doctors and dieticians regularly prescribe gluten free products to their patients. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, barley, oats and is considered unhealthy for certain conditions. We now make gluten free sweets – check the specification on our sweets to see whether they meet your personal requirments.

After extensive research DE BRON have identified alternative ingredients such as Arabic Gum, Polyols and modified starch which allows us to state that approximately 90% of our assortment of sugar free products is also gluten free.

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De Bron Sweets for Diabetics

DE BRON sweets are suitable for diabetics. The sugar levels in blood are influenced by a person’s intake of sugar. The glucose level is regulated by insulin which is produced by the body when sugar levels fluctuate. However, diabetics have faulty systems and the insulin levels are not properly regulated by the pancreas, leading to higher or lowel levels of sugar than normal.

What is the secret of De Bron sweets
Instead of sugar, they contain sugar substitutes such as Maltitol, Isomalt and Lactitol. These are members of the chemical group called Polyols.

The beneficial characteristic of Polyols is that these are not converted into glucose, therefore no extra insulin is needed to regulate the glucose level in the body. This makes our products ideal for diabetics or sugar intolerant people.

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Quality Ingredients are Essential

Want to be an excellent home cook or hobby chef? The most important thing you need to know is that the best quality ingredients are essential to any memorable meal.

At a point in time, I wanted to cook up the most splendid meals and complex concoctions. Much time went into finding recipes of startling intricacy involving multiple cooking procedures and dozens of ingredients. I had visions of beaming guests enjoying perfectly paired wines and enjoying fascinating dinner conversation.

The problem with this is that the meals quickly become prohibitively expensive, or otherwise, you make the mistake of buying less expensive ingredients. But we don’t all have bottomless pots of money to finance our entertaining dreams. So what is the solution?

Again, it comes down to ingredients. Rather have a few outstanding components and spend your money wisely where it matters. The ingredients that will be the stars of your table must only be the best.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using classical but simple pairings for starters and allowing the food to shine in its own right. Examples might include parma ham with melon or prawns with avocado. They are simple to prepare and where dressings and such must accompany the dish they can be prepared well in advance.

This advice will help you with the main meal as well. Buy high quality meat and poultry, and if possible, look for free-range and organic food. It might sound crazy, but beef that has lived in a field and eaten a natural diet of grass, will have more intense flavour. Quite apart from any ethical considerations (which will be dealt with at a later date) you will be rewarded with successful catering.

There is no need to then complicate your proteins with complex sauces, numerous starches and complicated combinations of accompanying vegetables. Aspiring chef’s often make the mistake of serving salads, vegetables, pastas and risotto with their mains which just confuses the taste buds and leaves little enduring memory of what was eaten.

Think back to the best meals you have ever enjoyed and you’ll remember specific ingredients or components – you are unlikely to remember convoluted mixtures of multiple flavours.

When meals are too complicated, they often fail to impress because just making a little bit of everything does not really indicate much thought into the balance of a meal. Rather focus your attentions on a few, delicious combinations and the freshest ingredients.

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Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Machines

Finally! You can buy a full range of flavours for your coffee machine that are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. The capsules are also known as coffee pods, but call them what you want, they are still not easy to find.

Capsules for Nespresso machines are a mission to buy and don’t seem to be available in grocery stores. Stocking up on them requires a certain dedication to your coffee experience because you need to make your way specifically to one of the few stores that sells them and that store invariably does not have anything else that you need.

Everybody knows the superb range of machines that Nespresso makes and the quality of coffee and froth that they are capable of. Usually that quality of cappuccino is only available in your favorite coffee shop, but with one of their machines, you can enjoy that style and quality at home.

The Gourmet Food Shop now stocks coffee capsules for the Nespresso type of machine and the Lavazza range of coffee machines. You can easily add coffee on to your monthly shopping at their store for the best quality deli items, from imported salmon to delicious ice tea. And your shopping will be delivered for free to your home!

Online shopping is the easiest way to stock up capsules for your Nespresso-style and Lavazza coffee machine. Enjoy the best brew at home or at the office from our superb House of Coffees range of products.

Just for the record, Nespresso trademark is owned by Nestle SA and is not affiliated with The Gourmet Food Shop. Although the capsules we sell are compatible, they are not Nespresso pods.