Footy’s Cold Drink Powder Container


450g container – 30 servings Footy’s Cold Drink Powder



Footy’s cold drink powder is a sugar free cold drink suitable for diabetics or anybody who wants to limit their sugar intake.


Erythritol, Acidifiers, Salt, Fibre, Reb A (Stevia extract), Colourant, Flavourant



  • Contains No preservatives
  • No artificial sweetener
  • Only Natural flavouring
  • Safe for ADHD, hyperactive children
  • excellent for diabetics and slimmer’s
  • best of all it contains healthy sugar Erythritol that is aspartame free,
  • banting friendly ,
  • excellent for teeth
  • And doesn’t cause Blood sugar fluctuations.
  • 20 KJ per 300ml serving so low in energy
  • Flavourants and colourants are NATURAL IDENTICAL
  • Acidifiers are VITAMINE C


-450g jar – 30 servings



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